Why Use the Services of Jim Parker?

  1.   NO CHARGE:  As a buyer, there is typically no business broker charge to you. It's similar to residential real estate, where the seller pays the real estate agents involved in the sale. As a buyer of a Florida restaurant, it does not cost you to utilize the services of James E. Parker.
  2.   TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY:  Whether it's right or not, businesses brokers tend to respond quicker and provide more initial information to another business broker than they do to a buyer calling them directly. By working with Jim, you will probably receive more information and receive it quicker than if you called a broker directly about a Florida restaurant.
  3.   SAVE MONEY & TIME:  Throughout the process of buying a Florida restaurant, you will probably save time and money.
  4.   GUIDANCE & EXPERTISE:  Jim Parker specializes in helping people buy and sell Florida restaurants. You can utilize his knowledge and experience. Jim can guide you through the entire process of buying a Florida restaurant. There are many different facets to buying a Florida restaurant and it can be a very daunting task. Especially if you have never bought a Florida restaurant before.

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Advantages of buying an existing restaurant

There are many advantages to buying an existing Florida restaurant versus starting a new restaurant from scratch. Buying an existing restaurant can save you money, time and many headaches. You can also greatly reduce the risk to your investment. Even purchasing a closed down restaurant at a greatly discounted rate can be very beneficial.

Jim Parker (Boss Group International LLC) is an expert in helping people buy and sell Florida restaurants. Contact Jim today at 407-927-8999 for a free, no obligation and confidential consultation.

CASH FLOW:  A new restaurant can take months or even years before it starts to break even and turn a profit for the owner. An owner of a new restaurant can burn through operating cash to keep the restaurant in business until then. Buying a successful existing restaurant should allow the owner to start receiving a profit from day one of operation.

REDUCE RISK:  Opening a new restaurant is very risky. In fact 27% of new restaurants fail in the first year of operation and 50% fail in the first three years of operation. Don't believe that because you have the "best concept", the "greatest recipes" or "have been in the restaurant business all your life" that somehow you are immune to the risks of starting a new restaurant. No one opens a restaurant with the thinking that it will be his restaurant that fails. Purchasing a successful existing restaurant can greatly reduce the risk of failure and help protect your investment.

CUSTOMER BASE:  When you purchase an existing restaurant you receive a built in customer base that you can build upon. You can slowly introduce new recipes and alter the restaurant over time, seeing what works and what does not work. This way you can maintain your existing customer base while working to attract more customers and building the restaurant to reflect your vision.

TRAINED EMPLOYEES:  When you buy an existing restaurant, you are not only acquiring the furniture, fixtures, equipment, customer base, name and goodwill, but you are likely to inherit a fully trained staff already in place. With up to 30% of your gross going toward labor costs it can be much more reassuring to know that you have a well trained staff already in place.

LESS TIME & EFFORT:  A new restaurant can take a year or longer before it opens it's doors. When starting a restaurant, you need to find what you think maybe a good location, negotiate a lease, hire an architect to design the lay out, hire a contractor, oversee the construction of the build out, price and order equipment, install the equipment, get zoning permit/proper licensing and the list goes on and on. If you buy an existing restaurant you could own and be in business in little as 3-4 weeks, with much less work.

LOANS & FINANCING:  The seller of a restaurant will sometimes carry a small note (financing) with a buyer. Also, banks usually prefer providing loans on existing restaurants rather than  start-up restaurants.


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